Edward Elric (truthget) wrote,
Edward Elric

[Action / Voice]

['Sup, Luceti, guess who's back? So missions totally suck, but at least he wasn't on the ocean this time. It was still snowy and wet and miserable in general, but hey, he can't complain too much. It beats being experimented on.

Still, it's not like it was a particularly troublesome or dangerous mission, so he'll be tromping and looking rather cranky to House 23.

And it only gets worse from there! Because Winry is still sick (of course), and someone will surely be kind enough to tell him that Al's been kidnapped. Again. And there's going to be a draft now, and he's not on it, even though the enemies are being captured instead of killed, and goddammit this week sucks.

In other words, it's not long before he's out and about again, slightly more aggressive in his stance and occasionally punching trees, because there's very little else he can do right now. He will pop by to visit the friends or acquaintances of his that are drafted, though (or at least get close enough to where they live to look like he's thinking about checking on them).

...Well, there's at least one thing he can do to distract himself, so he'll try the journal later that night.]


...Hey, got a question. What kind of a gift can you get a girl without giving them the wrong idea or something?
Tags: [action], [voice], dammit, stop stealing my brother, such bad timing, this isn't at all depressing, uncomfortable subjects
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