Edward Elric (truthget) wrote,
Edward Elric

[Voice / Action]

That's right... the code...

Hey, anybody listening out there- [It goes quiet abruptly as Edward examines the journal to make sure it's working.] ...hm. My name is Edward Elric, and I'm an alchemist. Where I'm from, alchemists follow a certain code: "Alchemists live for the public." It means that our abilities are meant to be used for ordinary people without bias.

I don't know how long I'm going to be stuck here, but while I'm in Luceti, you all are the public. So if you ever need anything fixed, or made, or altered, leave a note at the library, I go there a lot. You can use the journal, too, but I can't promise that I'll see it. When I'm in town I'll take care of the requests.

..Guess that's it then.

[And then, added to the entry a little while later, his voice somewhat quiet:]

...If anybody met a guy named Ling - or Greed - while they were here... looks like they've gone back.

[Edward can be found out and about today, wandering the village and looking somewhat lost in thought. He'll spend some time at the library, a bit at the house, and then he'll be digging around in the community buildings- at first building 3, then a couple others just in case.]

[ooc: If anybody ever needs to make use of Ed's alchemy beyond this entry, just drop by his appointments post, either to thread it out there or to direct me to a post where he might be called over.]
Tags: !abel nightroad, !alphonse, !aoba, !daisy, !derek bliss, !emil, !ginia, !isamu, !keimi, !leon ds geeste, !mia, !nagisa, !seto, !shredder, !silver, !ukyo kuonji, !winry, alchemy is for the people, at least it wasn't al, good riddance you stupid prince, izumi might even approve of this, lies he'll totally miss the royal brat, this isn't at all depressing
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