Edward Elric (truthget) wrote,
Edward Elric

[Voice / Action]

[Now that he's gotten over his own embarrassment somewhat-]

...So that's what an experiment is like, huh.

[Okay, maybe not entirely over it. That was beyond humiliating and he doesn't even want to acknowledge it anymore. Ugh.]

Whatever, forget it. I have a question for the people who've lived here longer than me. What kind of escape attempts have already happened here? Has anything worked, or even showed small signs of success? If it's not something you want to talk about over the journals, you can find me at the library.

Thanks in advance.

[...Oh right, before he forgets again-]

And if anyone finds a silver pocketwatch in one of the shops, chances are it's mine. I'd appreciate it if you let me know if you see it.

...Don't look inside, either!

[And as promised Ed will be at the library today, either inside pouring over a dozen books or just outside the entrance, probably munching away at something he pilfered during a visit to the bakery. You know, after he realized he hadn't eaten for seven hours or something. As usual he's probably wearing five different layers despite the heat, the nutter.]
Tags: !alphonse, !haruhi, !hiccup, !jack sparrow, !ling, !oswald, !tyria, !winry, [action], [voice], a little nostalgic, dog of the military?, post-event, researching already, stupid experiments, that was disruptive as hell
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