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There's nothing degrading about it.

I have always been an ordinary person.

Edward Elric
5 June
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The Boy
Edward Elric grew up in the little eastern town of Resembool, a town which, as he says, has "nothing at all". His father left while he and his brother, Alphonse, were still quite young, and his mother died not long after, the victim of a sudden illness. Longing for the return of their beloved mother, the brothers devoted their lives to mastering alchemy and developed a theory for human transmutation. When it failed, Alphonse lost his body, and Edward lost his leg, and then sacrificed his arm to bind Al's soul to a suit of armor. Equipped with artificial automail limbs, Edward joined the military as a State Alchemist to search for a way to return their bodies to normal.
The Man
Since that day, Edward has devoted all of his time and effort into researching alchemy, formulating theories, and tracking down leads, with Alphonse at his side. While in search of the Philosopher's Stone, they helped to uncover what turned out to be a country-wide conspiracy, dating back hundreds of years. For several months, he has been working with a number of fellow rebels outside of the militia in order to counter this conspiracy as well as, he hopes, earn back his brother's body in the process. It's a difficult task, but he's only one day away from success- and that, more than anything, is the greatest cause of his frustration.
The Alchemist
Edward began to learn alchemy at age 5, reading books far too complicated for a normal child of his age, and since then has been enthralled by the subject, both in practice and in research. More than just a means to recover his brother's body, Edward views alchemy as a lifestyle, a philosophy which he has followed for most of his life. Because of this, he tends to lose focus on everything around him while researching, a habit that - while admirable - often leaves him stranded in social situations outside of the topic of science. Regardless, Edward is a brilliant and powerful alchemist, not someone to be trifled with.
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