Edward Elric (truthget) wrote,
Edward Elric

[Written / Action]

[Around mid-morning in Luceti, there's a tired, blond alchemist limping through the forest, favouring the left leg and right arm a bit. Besides the limp, there is one more thing that's pretty obviously different- that being, Edward is a girl. She doesn't seem to be bothered by this fact, though, and is grumbling only about the state of her automail, since neither of the limbs seem to be cooperating much right now. She's heading for the smithy, but the forest and pathways can be tricky to navigate sometimes, so there's plenty of time to run into her before she reaches her destination.

On the way, though, she flips open the journal to check in on everyone:]

It's Edward- I'm back. I'm on my way to the village already, so I don't need a pick-up. Al, I'm stopping off at the smithy for maintenance and then I'm heading to the house.

I think it's been a couple of weeks; I was taken on the 3rd. Did anything important happen?

[After the trip to the smithy, of course, she'll be off to House #23. She's available for bothering pretty much anywhere.]

[[ooc: Edward is AU'd! Responses will come from autoamazon. There's also some extra info over here if anyone is interested.]]
Tags: [action], [written], autofail, bring me all the boys, came back with tits, this won't be awkward at all
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