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[A series of separate journal entries would have been posted over the course of several days; Edward will have a somewhat sporadic response time for them, too. He might respond for a few hours and then not until the day following the entry ICly anyway-- I'll be tagging it normally 8|, since the cryptic commentary in each day's entry hints at how he's messed up the journal to see how (and how soon) it fixes itself the next day. Therefore he won't have a journal to respond unless he steals Al's.

If you're not sure of what your character is up to during the week feel free to tag with a placeholder or something and tag later. OR IGNORE THIS TL;DR AND LAUGH AT MY DORKING IDC]

Day 1 - Monday

I don't miss that idiot colonel, but his alchemy would come in handy in this place. At least Al showed up after I did, so the three of us from Resembool are here. Familiar faces make it easier, and if I can't escape easily I can at least keep myself occupied.

My goal is to be out of here within a month.

Day 2 - Tuesday

Woke up at 7 this morning. The fireplace is out, so it's cold that early. I'm still tired; I feel like I could have slept for at least 15 hours. And why do kettles always take forever to boil? I just want some damn coffee before I go out to have a look around.

I don't think three spoonfuls of sugar is too much, either. It dissolves just fine if the water's warm enough.

Addendum from yesterday: A month is too long.

Day 3 - Wednesday

Al got me up an hour earlier today. It's warmer today- I went down by the river for a while. Saw a small flock of cranes, all with white feathers. I thought I'd see some markings, but maybe they disappear when they change into adults?

I counted maybe 16-30 of them. Moved too fast to be sure.

Day 4 - Thursday

Slept in till 9. Sleep schedule's been messed up since I got here. Why is it so inconsistent?

The flock from yesterday didn't show up again today, but there was a spotted chick in a nest by the bridge. A fox or something might've gotten the mother- there were a few torn feathers not far away. Maybe I'll come back tomorrow to check on it. Today I'm getting back to the library.

Addendum: I counted six books on birds alone. Zero on Alchemy. Do books appear here at random the way people do?

Day 5 - Friday

Wake-up was 7 again today. Al, just let me sleep in tomorrow. I'm going further down the river this afternoon, but there's nothing new to see right now. Still no mother at the nest, but the chick is fine, so I guess it's okay.

I'll look into this more later.

[Aaaaand Action bit:

Monday- Edward is at home, since Winry expected him to be around so he could be introduced to Haruhi. And he's kind of wondering if Al needs to be around for the very same thing, but it hadn't been mentioned to him...

Well, none of his business.

Tuesday-Friday - he'll be out and about in the village if you'd rather just bump into him at the locations mentioned.]

[ooc note: Since these happen over the course of the week, it'd be great if you guys could put the day your character comments in the subject line. And feel free to comment again with another day if it tickles your fancy (in your thread or otherwise) or just comment on the last day. It's pretty open.]
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