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There's nothing degrading about it.
I have always been an ordinary person.
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29th-May-2020 11:23 pm - Appointments Post
Feel free to use this post for random threads, backtagging or forwardtagging, whatever. It can be Written, Action, Voice, or just a quick call on the journal system for whatever reason.

When you tag, please put a [Style, Date] in the subject line to start it out, eg.:

[Action, January 1st]

13th-Dec-2011 08:56 pm - [Action / Voice]
...meeeeeh. still not impressed.
['Sup, Luceti, guess who's back? So missions totally suck, but at least he wasn't on the ocean this time. It was still snowy and wet and miserable in general, but hey, he can't complain too much. It beats being experimented on.

Still, it's not like it was a particularly troublesome or dangerous mission, so he'll be tromping and looking rather cranky to House 23.

And it only gets worse from there! Because Winry is still sick (of course), and someone will surely be kind enough to tell him that Al's been kidnapped. Again. And there's going to be a draft now, and he's not on it, even though the enemies are being captured instead of killed, and goddammit this week sucks.

In other words, it's not long before he's out and about again, slightly more aggressive in his stance and occasionally punching trees, because there's very little else he can do right now. He will pop by to visit the friends or acquaintances of his that are drafted, though (or at least get close enough to where they live to look like he's thinking about checking on them).

...Well, there's at least one thing he can do to distract himself, so he'll try the journal later that night.]


...Hey, got a question. What kind of a gift can you get a girl without giving them the wrong idea or something?
15th-Oct-2011 04:23 pm - [Written / Action]
the promised day.
[Around mid-morning in Luceti, there's a tired, blond alchemist limping through the forest, favouring the left leg and right arm a bit. Besides the limp, there is one more thing that's pretty obviously different- that being, Edward is a girl. She doesn't seem to be bothered by this fact, though, and is grumbling only about the state of her automail, since neither of the limbs seem to be cooperating much right now. She's heading for the smithy, but the forest and pathways can be tricky to navigate sometimes, so there's plenty of time to run into her before she reaches her destination.

On the way, though, she flips open the journal to check in on everyone:]

It's Edward- I'm back. I'm on my way to the village already, so I don't need a pick-up. Al, I'm stopping off at the smithy for maintenance and then I'm heading to the house.

I think it's been a couple of weeks; I was taken on the 3rd. Did anything important happen?

[After the trip to the smithy, of course, she'll be off to House #23. She's available for bothering pretty much anywhere.]

[[ooc: Edward is AU'd! Responses will come from autoamazon. There's also some extra info over here if anyone is interested.]]
3rd-Oct-2011 01:20 am - [Voice (morning) / Action (evening)]
what to do... what to do...
[Voice - Locked from Al, Winry, Gracia, and Elicia]

This might seem like a weird question, but I need to ask.

A lot of people - kids, even - act like they're fine with death and killing. The draft taught me that much. And around here dying doesn't even seem to matter because you just come back anyway. Is that what makes it- [Not okay, he can't say okay, it's not okay] ...more acceptable? Or is it something you're used to? And if it was someone else's life at risk, more than just your own, would that-

[...Dammit, this is probably coming out all wrong. But talking to Al back in the hospital had really gotten him thinking, probably too much, and... maybe he can't really understand something he's never experienced himself. Much like human transmutation- it sounds like a perfectly acceptable theory until the truth opens your eyes.]

...Nevermind. But if death is just temporary, is it really still death? And if it is, then... what's it like to die?

[He couldn't even kill the remnants of a Philosopher's Stone to save Ling. Using the souls of Xerxes for his own gain still haunts him to this day. Could he ever kill to save himself if his own death meant Al would die as well...?]

How can anyone be fine with taking the life of another person?

action segment: TL;DR BONFIRE AT HOUSE 23!Collapse )

[ooc: action tags (if any) can get Ed, Al, or both. If you have a preference just say so, otherwise we'll decide between the two of us or toss a coin |D)]
14th-Aug-2011 06:44 pm - [Voice / Action]
I'll only tell you once
That's right... the code...

Hey, anybody listening out there- [It goes quiet abruptly as Edward examines the journal to make sure it's working.] ...hm. My name is Edward Elric, and I'm an alchemist. Where I'm from, alchemists follow a certain code: "Alchemists live for the public." It means that our abilities are meant to be used for ordinary people without bias.

I don't know how long I'm going to be stuck here, but while I'm in Luceti, you all are the public. So if you ever need anything fixed, or made, or altered, leave a note at the library, I go there a lot. You can use the journal, too, but I can't promise that I'll see it. When I'm in town I'll take care of the requests.

..Guess that's it then.

[And then, added to the entry a little while later, his voice somewhat quiet:]

...If anybody met a guy named Ling - or Greed - while they were here... looks like they've gone back.

[Edward can be found out and about today, wandering the village and looking somewhat lost in thought. He'll spend some time at the library, a bit at the house, and then he'll be digging around in the community buildings- at first building 3, then a couple others just in case.]

[ooc: If anybody ever needs to make use of Ed's alchemy beyond this entry, just drop by his appointments post, either to thread it out there or to direct me to a post where he might be called over.]
16th-Jul-2011 09:06 pm - [Video / Action]
[The journal clicks on as it drops to the ground, recording a quiet curse and a dark screen. After a moment it lifts up, revealing a flash view of Edward in a tank top as he tilts his arm, prodding at the metal limb that is apparently not cooperating as well as it should.]

What the hell is wrong with this thing? It's not-

[And his words are quite abruptly cut off as a small explosion sparks between the journal and his shoulder, and there's a flurry of images too smothered by motion blur to really make any sense. The audio, or what can be made out beyond the rush of air, is replaced by a startled yelp, followed by silence... and then, as the journal crashes into the foliage after a few moments, a steady stream of colourful and half-muffled curses.

To illustrate...

Action-wise: Edward is going to be around the town today, though not his usual, unhappily-composed self. No, today he is going to be chasing his arm around the town, since it's apparently decided to malfunction and start going off completely at random! So maybe you see it flying past you. Maybe you see it crash. Maybe it crashes into you. Or maybe, while running, he trips, stumbles, and... rolls on one foot in a mad flail as if on skates or something. Today is just not his day at all.

In other words? Haruhi got her way, as usual...]
11th-Jul-2011 01:44 am - [Action /Voice]
[manga] it's not that I didn't have to..
[The week had passed with a certain degree of... something surreal, fake, imaginary. Edward can remember the white room, the gate, but most of all, the emptiness of it all. No Truth, no second gate, no Al. He'd been completely alone. And even his own body had felt as fake as the seemingly endless room; it was detached, uncomfortable. As if- as if it wasn't real-

...But that's impossible, isn't it?

He had plenty of time to debate the theory in his mind, at least. Whatever his body was in that place, it didn't need sleep. And as the hours passed into dull, empty silence, as his shouts and rants echoed back to his own ears, pointlessly, his only gain was a newfound clarity of what Al's nights must be like. If nothing else, this experience has given him an even greater incentive for getting Al's body back.

Nothing lasts forever, though, and eventually - he's not sure when or how long it's been - the simulated Gate of Truth collapses and dissolves around him, leaving only darkness.

And then come the dreams.

cut for tl;dr dreaming businessCollapse )

[Once settled and no longer so disoriented (or so alone, for that matter) Edward manages to wriggle over to the bedside table and get his journal open and running. This would be so much easier if his automail was working...

But his automail had been destroyed. He knows that, he'd felt it happen. So Winry must be okay, if she was able to make him replacements. That also means that it's been at least - no, more than - three days since the failed transmutation. One thing at a time, though...]

I'm back. ...Is everyone okay? The transmutation, it didn't-


Winry? I can't move my automail.
22nd-Jun-2011 03:59 am - [Voice / Action]
[Now that he's gotten over his own embarrassment somewhat-]

...So that's what an experiment is like, huh.

[Okay, maybe not entirely over it. That was beyond humiliating and he doesn't even want to acknowledge it anymore. Ugh.]

Whatever, forget it. I have a question for the people who've lived here longer than me. What kind of escape attempts have already happened here? Has anything worked, or even showed small signs of success? If it's not something you want to talk about over the journals, you can find me at the library.

Thanks in advance.

[...Oh right, before he forgets again-]

And if anyone finds a silver pocketwatch in one of the shops, chances are it's mine. I'd appreciate it if you let me know if you see it.

...Don't look inside, either!

[And as promised Ed will be at the library today, either inside pouring over a dozen books or just outside the entrance, probably munching away at something he pilfered during a visit to the bakery. You know, after he realized he hadn't eaten for seven hours or something. As usual he's probably wearing five different layers despite the heat, the nutter.]
9th-May-2011 10:25 pm - [Written / Action]
brb reading the entire library
[A series of separate journal entries would have been posted over the course of several days; Edward will have a somewhat sporadic response time for them, too. He might respond for a few hours and then not until the day following the entry ICly anyway-- I'll be tagging it normally 8|, since the cryptic commentary in each day's entry hints at how he's messed up the journal to see how (and how soon) it fixes itself the next day. Therefore he won't have a journal to respond unless he steals Al's.

If you're not sure of what your character is up to during the week feel free to tag with a placeholder or something and tag later. OR IGNORE THIS TL;DR AND LAUGH AT MY DORKING IDC]

Monday-FridayCollapse )

[Aaaaand Action bit:

Monday- Edward is at home, since Winry expected him to be around so he could be introduced to Haruhi. And he's kind of wondering if Al needs to be around for the very same thing, but it hadn't been mentioned to him...

Well, none of his business.

Tuesday-Friday - he'll be out and about in the village if you'd rather just bump into him at the locations mentioned.]

[ooc note: Since these happen over the course of the week, it'd be great if you guys could put the day your character comments in the subject line. And feel free to comment again with another day if it tickles your fancy (in your thread or otherwise) or just comment on the last day. It's pretty open.]
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